La Polonia yacht

yacht la polonia stewardess
yacht La Polonia stewardess

Contemporary construction of modern and durable yachts can be astonishing! Hundreds of materials are used every day to create beautiful yachts that will allow people not only to sail around many continents and visit many attractions, but above all to relax safely on board. This is the case with the yacht La Polonia, which was created by the American company Swiftships with a length of 46.8 meters! The construction of the yacht was completed in 1999 and today there are as many as 5 guest cabins carefully designed for the comfort of tourists. In terms of construction, the yacht really stands out from other projects and deserves the attention of every tourist who loves sailing and unforgettable adventures! The ship can accommodate 10 people and the La Polonia crew consists of 7 people who are at the disposal of every tourist during the cruise. This means that every guest can feel at ease here and ask questions to the crew or speak directly about what they would like to order. Such amenities are waiting for everyone who decides to make an unforgettable cruise on a luxury and comfortable yacht. It’s here that you’ll find everything you need to rest intensively and experience your life’s holiday.

All the time during your yacht cruise around the world you have at your disposal the experienced La Polonia stewardess, which work from the morning so that during the cruise you will not miss anything. The yacht was carefully designed by the owner, Tim Borland, and rebuilt in 2014 to meet the requirements of all guests and modern standards in yacht construction. It is quite a compact but luxurious model, which will surely gain interest among many tourists from all over the world. The maximum speed at which it moves is 20 knots, but during long trips it is recommended to use the speed up to 18 knots. Anyone who wants to experience a spectacular day should choose a cruise with friends, a loved one or alone. La Polonia yacht really has a lot to offer, but everyone should find out about it during the cruise. It is enough to board the yacht only once to decide on the next cruises and experience the professional service of the team, taste the delicious cuisine and at the same time relax in a comfortable armchair prepared with the comfort of guests in mind. Can you imagine it in one place? Take your time for thinking about this opportunity for you and your friends. Such exclusive conditions full of comfort and many attractions are waiting for every tourist who decides to vacation with La Polonia.

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