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La Polonia yacht stewardess
La Polonia yacht stewardess

You love sailing, but have never had time to go on a long cruise with friends or loved ones? All you need to do now is let yourself be pampered on board of the exclusive La Polonia yacht, which was created by the American company called Swiftships and builded in 1999. Take a break not only to enjoy the many attractions prepared especially for you, but also to enjoy your free time. La polonia yacht is waiting specially for you! It’s really has a lot to offer in this: the experienced La polonia stewardess, who get up early in the morning every day to be fully ready to work and at the disposal of guests resting on the yacht. They will provide you with all the tourist information, share the sea curiosities, tell you what are the attractions in your chosen city and offer delicious alcohols or delicious snacks. Thanks to La Polonia crew you will not feel lonely during the cruise. A professional team of qualified staff will take care of your holiday at a high level, offering a lot of attractions such as: tourist attractions, information about local restaurants and good food and alcohol served in the cabin or a table in the dining room on board.

Yacht La Polonia is undoubtedly an unusual place for intensive rest for anyone who has worked a lot during the year and needs time to regenerate and is looking for the right place to relax. The robust aluminum and teak hull consists of 5 cabins, including two VIP cabins, and was designed to accommodate up to 10 guests. Cruise La Polonia is also a great opportunity to make someone an unforgettable gift. So if you have the right opportunity to invite someone for a joint cruise – don’t wait! Experienced staff is waiting for you from morning to evening and you can be sure that during the cruise you will not run out of anything! If you’ve long dreamt of a high level of relaxation, now you just have to choose a luxury yacht cruise! So if you want to experience many adventures and not worry about safety during the cruise – just start acting and choose the date of your vacation! Beautiful weather, local attractions, delicious cuisine, ear-friendly music, as well as experienced crew and beautiful views – all this can soon be within your reach. Just dare to experience an unforgettable adventure on board and plan a journey of your dreams. All you have to do is take the time to embark on a journey that you are constantly postponing for another moment. Don’t hesitate and decide on your first voyage under the guidance of an experienced team to experience the adventure of your life and enrich it with new experiences!

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