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Sailing on a yacht La Polonia

Exclusive and extremely modern yacht La Polonia is an attraction, which certainly cannot be denied by any lover of sailing. It was created thanks not only to a very good project in terms of technology, but above all, its creation required the work of many engineers. Designer Tom Borland is considered to be its own creator, but it was on his behalf that Swiftships in Morgan City shipyard started the construction of the yacht in 1999. After five years La Polonia had to be rebuilt so that the yacht not only met the conditions for welcoming guests, but at the same time it could accommodate more people than the owner originally wanted. The reconstruction was a very good decision, because the yacht took on a new character and at the same time gained many new attractions, which are appreciated by guests.

Crew La Polonia

Today, the interior of the yacht has, among others, experienced La Polonia stewardess, which are to make guests feel comfortable, but also so that at any time they can order like: alcohol or additional snacks to their own cabin. Moreover, the yacht has been very carefully designed taking into account the modern requirements of tourists. First of all, there are as many as 5 comfortable cabins, including two cabins of a very high standard designed for special guests. So if you are planning a sailing party or want to spend a few days on a yacht, this place is definitely worth recommending. La Polonia crew keeps an eye on the wellbeing of all guests on the yacht. That’s why everyone can feel really special here.

La Polonia yacht crew

La Polonia is a unique place for everyone who wants to break away from everyday life and take a distance to everyday life. First of all, it is a spacious place, where everyone who loves beautiful views, professional service and wants to draw from nature as much as possible will find joy. This is a place where every fan of sea noise, long journeys and unique sea climate will surely fall in love. If you love sailing and want to try – just choose a convenient date and decide to rent a yacht to spend special moments with your loved ones and at the same time learn new skills useful in whole life. It’s also a very good way to relax and experience many fascinating adventures. Sailing is a very interesting passion, which allows you to develop many skills, so you should go on a cruise to experience the adventure at sea. In addition, this passion can also be of interest to other people and experience many weeks together on board the yacht with a rich history.

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