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Sailing regattas have been gaining popularity for many years and the number of interested parties is constantly growing year by year. Adrenaline, the desire to test their abilities, risk, great fun and tempting fame – all these are the main reasons why people take part in sailing regattas. One of the most famous regattas in the world is a very popular tournament, the America’s Cup regatta, which started this tradition. For the first time, such an event took place in 1851 around the British island of Wight. The tradition of fighting for the cup began among the crews, which resembled an old pitcher and weighed 3 kilos because it was made of brass! A few years later the official matchracing rules were established, which include two competing sailing yachts. An interesting fact is that sailboats that belong to yachts clubs but are not independent representations can take part in such regatta. For many years, the rules of this tournament have been the same and the struggle for the America’s Cup conttinues to win new fans all over the world. The great privilege of a yachting club that wins an earlier tournament can decide on the next battlefield and choose its team. If the challenge is posed by more yachts clubs, there are elimination races.

La Polonia yacht stewardess

If you like sailing boats, you can go on a La Polonia cruise to test your skills and decide to have fun in the team. Anyone who belongs to the yacht club can take part in the regatta. Moreover, La polonia stewardess awaits you on the yacht, which will take care of your good preparation for the competition and will make it easier for you to rest. The experienced La Polonia crew is at your disposal from morning to evening and during this time you can take advantage of the option of ordering good snacks, take advantage of additional attractions of the yacht and talk about tourism. La polonia yacht is a good place not only to get to know and love sailing, but also to prepare for the regatta. The history of sailing is a lot of events, successes and failures, but knowing the rules of proper sailing, you can really win and at the same time like this kind of activity very much. Yacht La Polonia is very exclusive and modern compared to the first sailboats that gained popularity in the 16th century. The first such sailboats at that time were multi-mountain galleons, which were characterized by many decks. Fregates and corvettes were yachts adapted to sea battles, but in comparison to other decks they were simply smaller.

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La Polonia stewardess

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